Appliquéd Black Lives Matter t shirts


All of these handmade 100% cotton t-shirts are upcycled from thrift stores and appliquéd with scraps from the cutting room that I saved from bag making. Originally I just made one for myself to to wear at Franklin High School, where I’m an educator, for a historic day in Seattle on October 19, 2016 when over 2000 educators from Seattle Public Schools wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts to show solidarity for Black students, families, and staff. By popular demand, I made several more for other students and staff and now I’m making a limited run of them for the public. 25% of all sales go to Franklin High School’s Black Student Union to purchase books on Black history, current cultural, social and political issues, and memoirs in addition to healthy snacks for their after school club.

More info on the historic day here:

More info on Franklin High School here: